Major Investment Projects

Construction of a concentrating plant on the premises of the same named deposit of polymetallic ores

Region: Buryatia Republic, RF

Operator/initiator: Ozernoye

Project stage: –

Timeframe: construction of the concentrating plant will be completed in 2023; full capacity is expected to be reached in 2024

Investment: 92,7bn RUB

According to the project, the plant on the premises of the Ozerny GOK will process 6 million tonnes of lead-zinc ores per annum. The staple is zinc and lead concentrates. Nameplate capacity of production is 597k and 82k tonnes accordingly.

Construction of GOK and development of Udokan copper deposit

Region: Trans-Baikal Territory

Operator: Udokan Copper

Stage: construction. Start-up of the first stage – 2023

Investments: $6.9 bn

Udokan is the largest undeveloped copper deposit in Russia and one of the largest in the world. The capacity of the first stage of MMC at Udokan will be up to 15 mil tons of ore with an output of up to 135 thousand tons of copper per year. Taking into account the second stage, the output of processing will increase to 40 mil tons of ore per year. The cost of the first stage of development of Udokan was estimated at $2.9 bn, the second stage – at $4 bn. The launch of the first stage of production is scheduled for 2023.

Sulphur programme at Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant and Copper Plants

Region: Krasnoyarsk Territory

Operator: Norilsk Nickel

Dates: development – 2020–2025.

Investments: $4.1 — $4.3 bn

A large-scale environmental project involving the utilisation of sulphur dioxide at the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant and Copper Plants, which are part of the Polar branch of the company with a drastic reduction in emissions of pollutants. Within the framework of the programme, the launch of sulphur projects to capture emissions at the Nadezhda Metallurgical Plant and Copper Plants is being developed. The development of the sulphur programme will help the Polar Branch (Norilsk) significantly reduce SO2 emissions.

Construction of a new metallurgical plant to produce cathode copper

Region: Murmansk region, RF

Operator/initiator: Norilsk Nickel

Project stage: –

Timeframe: construction of the new plant is expected for completion in 2025

Investment: 140bn RUB

The project named “Bolshaya Med” implies application of modern technology named roast-leach-electrowin with minimised environmental footprint. Plant nameplate capacity is 150k tonnes per annum. The company intends to employ over 1000 people.

Development of the Montenegrin copper-nickel ore deposit

Region: Krasnoyarsk Territory

Operator: Russian Platinum

Stage: preparation for construction

Dates: 2024

Investments: 240 bn roubles

The project involves the construction of a mining and processing complex with a processing capacity of 7 mil tons of ore per year based on the Montenegrin deposit. The development of the Chernogorskoye deposit will be the first stage of the development of the Russian Platinum Group project in the Norilsk Industrial District. The next stage is the involvement in the development of reserves in the southern part of the Norilsk–1 deposit.

Construction of a mining and concentrating plant for extraction and processing of lithium

Region: East-Kazakh region, Kazakhstan Republic

Operator/initiator: Government of the Kazakhstan Republic

Project stage: –

Timeframe: development: 2023–2024. As expected, the facility will be brought online in 2025–2027

Investment: $100m

Project capacity will be revealed once exploration works are completed.

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