The non-ferrous industry in Russia is one of the most developed sectors of the economy. It includes the production of aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, titanium, chromium and other metals.

In recent years, the non-ferrous industry in Russia has made significant progress and has a high investment potential:

  • About 100 bn roubles are planned to be allocated for the creation of new non-ferrous companies
  • Among the projects planned for development: the development of the Baimskaya Ploshchad and Peschanka deposits and the construction of the Baimsky Concentrating plant, the construction of the concentrating plant and the development of the Udokan copper deposit, the development of the Montenegrin copper-nickel ore deposit, the Ak-Sugsky deposit development project, the development of the Novo-Uchalinsky deposit, the construction of a copper plant for the Baimsky Kaz Minerals project, and many others
  • By 2030, aluminum production may reach 5.3 mil tonnes (+35% by 2021), copper – 1.1 mil tonnes (+19%), zinc – 410,000 tonnes (2.1 times growth), nickel – 280,000 tonnes (+45%)
  • Aluminum export is expected to be increased by 38% to 3.9 mil tonnes, copper – by 50% to 930,000 tonnes, nickel – by a third to 260,000 tonnes, zinc – by more than 150 times to 155,000 tonnes
  • Russia ranks 2nd in the world in total production of non-ferrous metals
  • The Russian government actively supports the non-ferrous industry, creating favorable conditions for investors, allocating funds for infrastructure development, modern equipment, and scientific research
  • Russian companies have a high level of experience and qualification in the field of mining, processing and production of non-ferrous metals that ensures high product quality and production efficiency
  • Russia is located at the intersection of many transport routes that provides easy transportation of metals to various regions of the world

Thus, non-ferrous metallurgy is one of the promising sectors of the economy, and the demand for non-ferrous metals remains high that ensures stability and profitability of investments in this industry.


What investment projects of the non-ferrous industry are being developed and planned

Experience of leading experts and representatives of companies

What are the forecasts and new opportunities for the development of the non-ferrous industry in Russia


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    Manager of Strategy Department, Transformation Directorate, UMMC


    Copper Chain Strategy


    Head of Mining Industry, Far East and Arctic Development Corporation


    Non-ferrous metals of the Far East as a driver for the development of the new Russian economy


    Deputy Head of Department for Interaction with Residents, Special Economic Zone Orenburzhie


    Development of investment projects on the territory of SEZ in the Orenburg region

    The webinar is held as part of the International Forum Non-ferrous metals of Russia and CIS: Mining, Construction and Modernisation of Plants, 21-22 November 2023, Moscow. Request more information about the event.


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    Investments and development
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